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Fashion Icon is a social game in which the players will take on the role of a young fashion star newly arrived in Paris, who wants to success in the hard world of fashion, however much it takes. For this she will have to face a thrilling story full of gossips and scandals, which will keep her in a situation of constant drama.

The most interesting part of the game, however, will be when we have to dress and make our character look pretty. The reason is that we will have at our disposal more than 1000 combinations of clothes, hairdo´s, makeup and jewellery with which to give our young lady a unique look.

Relate to people, flirt to find new contacts... or love. In the world of fashion everything is valid, and you will need to have your character fight other models if necessary, or go to parties to flirt with the assistants and earn their favours.

Fashion Icon is a very entertaining social game, which may not be liked much by the masculine public, but goes down very well with the girls. Its millions of downloads demonstrate this.
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